You can monitor process memory usage. Garbage collection logs are enabled by default and they will be logged to /vulniq/backend/logs/gc.log by default. By default backend processes are configured to use minimal cpu and the serial garbage collector is used. This may cause small garbage collection pauses which can be ignored. Garbage collection pauses won't affect proper functioning of this service or user experience hence can be ignored.

By default file starts the java process with a low priority using nice command. As this is a backend process, not directly affecting to end user experience, this process can be run with a lower priority than end user facing processes.

Screenshot Generator
The docker container will restart periodically. This is intentional and required for proper functioning of the service. Docker container is run with auto-restart enabled.
You can monitor cpu and memory usage.
Other Processes
You can monitor cpu and memory usage and logs as usual. No special monitoring is required.